Wednesday, October 27, 2010

why i am allergic to exercise or why my mom is right....again

it is no secret i do not love exercising. well, i don't shout it from the rooftop or anything, but it is general knowledge for those i live with.

i don't like sweating.

i walk, but within the last month or so i started running.

or jogging.

maybe jiggling. whatever.

i am getting my butt in gear and moving.

that was until.....
until i became allergic.
yep, not kidding.

last sunday morning early, big red and i suited up for an early morning workout. complete with gloves and sweatshirts.

and my new jiggling pants.

i think most people would call them *yoga pants* or *exercise pants*. whatever.

at approximately the furthest point from home i had a little itch on the back of my thigh. then more itching. then--so much itching.

upon walking in the door and stripping down to my bloomers--huge welts, raised red splotches. itchy raised splotches.

(please do not *google* red raised rash images. you will be sorry. i seem to forget how sorry i was a couple summers ago when b woke with a blistering case of poison ivy. miserable, that poor boy. i kept checking google images. it'll make your stomach turn. really. don't do it. alright, if you do. i cannot be held responsible--i wash my hands of it all.)

why? why so many raised red itchy splotches?

from my jiggling pants. so, i'm allergic to exercise. i used my superior logic skills to come to this conclusion. i'm smart like that. ;)

what's a girl to do? quit?

i called my mom. thinking she'd hustle to find some yoga-y pants without spandex for me. i think they call those jeans. but, she didn't volunteer to shop with me to find new jeans. (jean shopping is an alone sport--too long and painful for spectators....even moms)
but she volunteered this question: did you wash them before you wore them?

my mom reads all directions. i scan some directions. that is almost the exact same thing. apparently, after washing my rash-inducing jiggling pants (which is what i probably should have done before wearing), i've found they are nice. and comfy. and regular. no rash, no itching, just jiggling--regular. and mom's right....again.



  1. Sweating...yuck! Itchy from exercise? I get it when I walk my legs get itchy and rashy and my pants have been washed lots. I think that means I have an allergy to exercise. Might be why I'm having so much trouble losing 30#.